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Barry & Margaret Welcome You to MagBazTravels

Life is like riding a bicycle
To keep your balance, you must keep moving
(Albert Einstein)

On 25 March 2015, we celebrated being On the Road for Twenty Years.

Paul_Hewitt_(18).JPGWe have developed a website, MagBazPictures, where we have collected many of the best pictures from current and previous travels, which include three round-the-world journeys each of one-year. We continue to add pictures as we continue to travel.

Flair_(39).JPGThis website, MagBazTravels is for and by long-term, long-distance motorhomers and/or cyclists. It began as we crossed Australia in April 2005. Rebecca Watts of Cairns developed the initial structure and we are the editors and main contributors (see About Us).

The Site Menu on the left gives accesCarnac_(52).JPGs to all the main features. Articles (many with photos and some previously published by the MMM) are organised by Countries and by mode of travel (Motorhoming or Cycling). There is  a chronological listing of What's New in the website.

Photos are grouped into Galleries by country and by mDSCF3162[1][2].jpgode of travel. Each image can be enlarged and a whole Gallery viewed as a slide show.

Ramblings gather together travel-related Quotations, Humour, Broadsides, Books, Poetry and Reflections.

Useful Links are to other websites for cyclists and motorhomers. Many articles, including our Travel Logs, NewslCrafter_(11).JPGetters and the popular A to Z of Long-term Motorhoming, include links to other websites.

The powerful Google-type Search function will find every article which contains the words that you specify. Within an article, use 'Control F' to find a particular word or phrase. At the top right of every article there are three symbols which enable you to save the article as a file, print it or send it as an email to a friend. You cQuasar1_(24).JPGan also block and copy an article into a Word document.

On the right, the Quick Links menu takes you directly to a long list of articles that we think are the most interesting and the most popular.

You can read what over 700 other readers have saCarado_(10).JPGid about the website in Readers' Comments and you are welcome to join the other 77 motorhomers, cyclists and long-distance, long-term Fellow-Travellers who have already added their own writing and images to this shared resource. A Contact Us feature enables you to send us your contributions, comments and queries.

Bons Voyages
Barry and Margaret Williamson

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